Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 falls on on the 10th of February when the year of the dragon ends and the year of the snake begins. Celebrating generally starts already on the evening before.

Heaviest congestion due to the holidays occurs during the two weeks before the festive season.

Offices will be closed 9-15 February. Last departures from Chinese ports are a few days before the holidays. First departures after the holidays will be on weeks 8 and 9.

Due to the holiday season a large number of people will be travelling within the country which will cause congestion on roads and railroads.

Hong Kong
Offices will be closed 10 – 13 February.

Offices will be closed 10 – 17 February and also on Thursday, 28 February.

Chinese New Year is also celebrated in a few other Eastern Asian and South East Asian countries like Vietnam, Malaysia and Korea.

We ask our clients to take into consideration the effects of the Chinese New Year to shipments. Our ocean freight and air freight departments will answer to questions about departure dates from specific ports and airports.