Chinese New Year 2017

This year, Chinese New Year falls on Saturday 28 January 2017 when the Year of the Monkey turns to the Year of the Rooster.

Ocean freight from China experiences high demand on the weeks before the Chinese New Year because many suppliers aim to ship out their goods before the festive season when factories and ports remain closed. In addition to China and Hong Kong, Chinese New Year also affects transport schedules in several other Asian countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea.

Within China, domestic transport is heavily congested just before and after the holiday season. Delays can be expected for collections and deliveries on truck and rail.

Moreover, the availability of container space is currently affected by the recent changes in the global ocean freight market. There are less actors and available equipment than previously.

We recommend our customers to be in contact with the shippers and Varova ocean freight operations as early as possible if cargo still needs to be shipped out before the Chinese New Year.

Airfreight may be a solution for urgent shipments just before the holidays. Please contact our airfreight department for enquiries.