Coronavirus effects on freight

The coronavirus situation has escalated quickly in the course of a few days, and many countries in Europe have announced about the closures of their borders. For the time being, this is mainly affecting the movement of people while the transportation on cargo continues without major limitations.

Road transport in Europe

Road transport by truck and ferries continues to and from Finland, as well as domestic collections and deliveries. The terminals observe strict measures for limiting the spread of the virus.


Major airlines have repeatedly cut down their flights, and according to the latest news international air transports is currently at a minimum. Because air cargo is often transported in passenger planes the disruption of scheduled flights has a strong impact on the availability and price of air freight.

There are possibilities to transport air cargo on the international freighter planes. For urgent shipments of both exports and imports kindly contact our airfreight department for price and possibility.

Ocean freight and rail transport

From the beginning of March, production and business in China have gradually started resuming operations, including domestic transport, ports and rail freight.

For the time being, ocean transport is in operation between Europe and the other continents. However, the availability of containers is low because shipments from China were at a halt for several weeks.

Varova has taken measures

We are in a continuous contact with our partners both in Finland and around the world to keep up with the developments of the coronavirus pandemic and its effects to international transport.

Varova is strictly observes all the measures recommended or imposed by the government and health authorities.

We have extended the possibilities for working from home and our staff is increasingly working from the home office. Business trips have been postponed until further notice. Customer contacts, as well as communication with our partner network is mainly by phone or by video calls.

Further information

Your contact persons at Varova will  be happy to give more details if needed.