Importing wooden products from VPA-countries

The Flegt Action Plan

The Flegt Action Plan of the EU aims to reduce illegal logging, and to promote sustainable forest management and trade in legally produced timber. The EU and a number of countries exporting wood and timber products have entered into Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) to control the legality of the origin of wooden products.

So far, the agreement has been signed by for example Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cameroon and Ghana. Check the complete list of VPA countries: http://www.euflegt.efi.int/vpa-countries

A Flegt -licence is only valid for the assigned shipment, and covers selected wooden materials and products made thereof. If a shipment has been assigned a Flegt -licence, goods cannot enter destination country without being approved by the local authority.

In Finland, the responsible authority is Mavi (Agency for Rural Affairs in Finland). The importer needs to have an Eori-number before being able to register in the Flegit -system. The importer pays the processing fee, which is only valid for a single shipment only. In addition, the importer must fill in the required information and submit the original Flegt -document to Mavi. After approval, the Finnish Customs will receive a notice about the Flegt -licence directly from Mavi.

Further information can be found on the Mavi (Agency for Rural Affairs) website.