Postal strike affects shipments to and from Finland

The supportive action by trade unions to the ongoing postal strike in Finland will already this week have effects on export and import shipments causing schedule changes and capacity limitations.

Road transport

Changes to timetables and services have been announced for the ferry traffic between Continental Europe and Finland. This will result in limited space on the end-of-the week departures for both export and import.

Because of the situation we cannot guarantee normal transit times.

Ocean freight

In the event of the expansion of the strike it is possible that container loading and unloading, as well as the handling of LCL shipments comes to halt in the ports in Finland. Special arrangements may be needed causing additional charges.


The strike situation also affects airfreight shipments. Delays and cancellations can be expected and additional charges are possible.

Special routings and arrangements

Varova will follow the situation closely and seek alternative routings for which extra costs will be agreed on separately based on the transport mode and shipment type.

Varova contact persons will give further information if needed.