Road transport schedules at the end-of-the-year

Holidays affect transport schedules in European road transport at the turn of the year.

The following days are public holidays in Finland:

Tuesday, 06 December (Independence day)
Monday, 26 December (Boxing day)
Friday, 06 January (Epiphany)

Exports from Finland

We recommend that urgent export shipments are scheduled for week 50 because export departures from Finland are limited just before the Christmas holidays. On the first week of January, the loading day of export shipments to Europe is Thursday, 5 January.

Imports to Finland

Deliveries of road traffic imports run on normal schedules during week 51, and again as of Tuesday, 27 January.

However, on week 52 and on week 1 there may be delays to both import and export schedules because many shippers and consignees are closed for business during the festive season. In addition, there are fewer ferry connections between Finland and Continental Europe over Christmas and New Year.

For more detailed schedules kindly contact our road transport operations.