Road transport schedules at the end of the year

There will be exceptions to timetables in European road traffic over the Christmas holiday season. Longer transit times can be expected during the the last weeks of the current year and the first week of the New Year.

Import shipments from Europe will be loaded normally on week 51 and delivered in Finland from Monday to Wednesday on week 52.

Last export shipments to Europe before Christmas will be during weeks 50 and 51. Deliveries of the last departures before Christmas may take place first during week 53 due to the holidays.

On week 53 export shipments are loaded on Thursday 31 December and from week 1 onwards according to usual schedules.

For more information please contact our traffic operations.

Varova offices will be closed on the following days

Thursday 24 December – Christmas Eve
Friday 25 December – Christmas Day
Friday 1 January – New Year’s Day