SECA surcharges for European road transport

From the beginning of 2015, the EU sulphur directive (2012/33/EU) limits the sulphur dioxide content of marine bunker oil to a maximum of 0,1 %.

The directive will result in an increase of ferry costs between Finland and Europe.

SECA surcharges for European road traffic as of 1 January 2015 are as follows (minimum EUR 1,20 / shipment):

Continental Europe
EUR 0,40/100 kg (full loads EUR 84,00)

EUR 0,30/100 kg (full loads EUR 56,00)

UK and Ireland
EUR 0,67/100 kg (full loads EUR 133,00)

Sweden and Norway
EUR 0,25/100 kg (full loads EUR 52,00)

EUR 0,46/100 kg (full loads EUR 91,00)

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
EUR 0,17/100 kg (full loads EUR 34,00)

Our sales department will give further information if needed.