Significant shipping congestion before the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year will fall on the second week of February 2021. New Year’s Day is celebrated on February 12, 2021. That is when the most important holiday season of the year begins in China and many other Asian countries, with factories and businesses closing their doors. Shipments are typically congested in the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year.

Heavy congestion is currently slowing down transport from China to Europe and it is expected to continue up to the Chinese holiday season. Due to the coronavirus situation, there is an imbalance in global container traffic. In import traffic, demand exceeds supply in both sea and rail transport, especially for 40 ′ and 40 ′ HC containers. Reduced departures in air freight may also cause cargo space to be filled on the most popular air freight routes.

We encourage you to inquire about options for the most urgent shipments as early as possible. We at Varova will do our best to find the most suitable freight solution.