Summer 2020 transports and opening hours

Freight movement is gradually returning to normal after many countries have started easing the restrictions and lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In Finland, terminal operations, collections and deliveries are close to normal. However, there are still some cuts to the regular ferry schedules between Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries.

Airfreight connections are still limited but routings can be found for both inbound and outbound shipments. More departures are expected to resume for the China and Hong Kong routings as of the beginning of July.

Container and LCL traffic to and from Finland is running without major disruptions by both sea and rail.

Road transport in Europe

Transport times between Europe and Finland can be longer than usual during the summer holidays that lasts from late June to the end of August. Many businesses and manufacturers in Southern Europe close their business for the height of the summer season.

Kindly contact us well in advance for transports during the European summer holiday season.

Customer service during the summer

Varova customer service will be open normally during the entire summer. Our sales and operations can be reached  by phone or mail from Monday to Friday 08-16 local time in Finland (EEST, UTC +03:00).

We wish everybody a lovely summer!