Cattle brushes keep swinging when logistics runs smoothy

FinnEasy chose Varova as their logistics provider

FinnEasy, a Finnish family-owned company, manufactures high-quality automatic cattle brushes based on its own innovation. The positive feedback from domestic customers made them look at export markets. In conquering the world, one of the most important partners was the choice of a reliable logistics company.

“We investigated the services of all major logistics companies in Finland. By far the most promising was Varova. And we have not had to regret our choice, quite the opposite. Personal service has is always provided when needed, which is far from always self-evident in this ag e of digitalisation,” says Heini Kultanen, Sales Manager at FinnEasy.

Comprehensive service that takes special needs into account

“Throughout our operations, the cornerstone has been to serve the customer. This has led to success for both our customers and our own operations,” says Jarmo Kuisma, Account Manager at Varova, adding: “It is important to understand the customer’s product in order to be able to advise, for example, on the requirements of for transport packaging. This requires getting familiar with the production line.”

Brushes for creatures great and small

FinnEasy’s totem brushes are unique, ecological and suitable for applications where electricity is not available – or, for example, for horses that cannot use electric brushes due to the risk of tangling the tail. The sturdy FinnEasy brushes are easy to install and maintain.

“The brushes have a strong, durable structure for bovines, for example, so that the bulls’ energy is not directed towards breaking fences. Brushes not only keep animal hair clean, but also provide stimulus for them. Our brushes are also used by giraffes at the Safari Rachi giraffes in Texas,” Kultanen says about the products that are now exported to twenty countries with Varova’s help.
Varova helps even before transports start

Success in the tough global competition requires an excellent product and high-quality operations from both subcontractors and service providers. Smooth logistics play a key role in delivering on promises to customers around the world.

“In supply chain management, it is important for us to receive up-to-date information along the way and, for example, in case of problems, a solution proposal from our logistics partner. Varova can also take care of documentation, export declarations and import customs clearance. Most importantly, they have a caring grip on their customer. They clearly take care that our products reach their destination in good condition. This was absolutely crucial Especially in the early stages of internationalisation” Kultanen emphasizes.

She also gives a valuable tip to product developers. “It is a good idea to ask a logistics partner like Varova about transport requirements already at the product development stage. For example, we shortened one of our brush products by five centimetres, allowing them to be transported at a lower cost on a standard-sized Euro pallet.”

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