Cargo insurance

Cargo Insurance covers your goods for loss, damage or delay

It pays to insure the cargo

Especially when your shipment includes high value goods cargo insurance will minimize the economic risks within the transport chain.

We can help you to insure your shipment

Due to the limited coverage for loss or damage by the transport operator we highly recommend that you take out a cargo insurance to protect your shipment.

We offer you If P&C Insurance Company Ltd, branch in Finland cargo insurance for the transports booked through Varova.

To enable us to take out cargo insurance on your behalf we need from you a written notice to [email protected] which must include the following information about the shipment:

  • Departure date
  • Point of origin
  • Departure country
  • Destination country and location
  • Specification of goods
  • Volume of cargo
  • Value of shipment
  • Official name of the insured, including address and contact persons


The above mentioned information must be available before the goods are transported.
For more information about cargo insurance and risk management please contact:

[email protected]