Responsible choices

We evaluate environmental issues as part of the strategy and corporate responsibility. We save the environment by favoring environmentally friendly solutions in our offices, looking for environmentally smart  cargo options and improving transportation efficiency.

Varova’s environmental system is ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Assesing the environmental load

We monitor the environmental load caused by both our own operations and the services we provide. We systematically and responsibly assess and manage our environmental impact.

Direct environmental impact

  • Location and energy efficiency of our premises
  • A greener office and paperless work
  • Enabling remote work
  • Emission criteria for company cars
  • Minimization of air travel
  • Remote participation in negotiations and events

Indirect environmental impact

  • Assessment of subcontractors’ equipment and their environmental responsibility
  • Cargo loading optimization
  • Guiding customers to choose the most efficient mode of transport
  • Optimization of transport routes
  • Raising stakeholders’ awareness of the environmental impact of their activities


Choosing the transport mode

When considering the transport mode with the customer, we can explain how cost-effectiveness, transport time and emissions interact. Air freight is the fastest freight option but produces most emissions. Ocean freight and rail transport are relatively lower in emissions, as more goods are transported at one time.

Opitimization of loads

In European freight, we reduce emissions by optimizing the use of cargo space in trailers, and planning routes while avoiding unnecessary mileage. Combining loads and modern, low-emission equipment help minimize environmental damage.


Varova can help the customer find suitable alternatives to compensate for environmental emissions.

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