Industrial action continues in Finland

Political industrial action continues in Finland. AKT, the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union, has announced that it will stop work at ports between Wednesday 14.2. at 06.00 and Saturday 17.2. at 06.00. This will slow down both exports and imports.

Exports from Finland

Most export consignments will be picked up as usual, but they will not leave Finland until after the strike has ended. Exact timetables are not yet known.

Imports to Finland

During the strike week, there will be exceptions to the usual schedules for deliveries of incoming shipments. Ships will not be unloaded or loaded at ports during the strike, and incoming import cargo will not be handled during this period.

Together with our partners, we do everything possible to minimise delays in cargo deliveries.

Even after the strike has ended, delays are expected in deliveries due to congestion in freight traffic and changes to the usual feeder and ferry schedules.

The contact persons for different modes of transport and forwarding at Varova will provide additional information if necessary.