Midsummer public holiday in Finland 25 June 2021

Varova’s offices are closed on Friday, 25 June 2021 for the Midsummer Eve public holiday.

Before and after the Midsummer weekend there are some exceptions to export and import schedules and cargo handling.

Export shipments from Finland

Collections for export shipments from Finland should take place on Tuesday or Wednesday for the Thursday 24 June loadings. There will be no departures on Friday 25 June.

Import shipments to Finland

Deliveries for import shipments that arrive in Finland on Thursday 24 June will begin on Monday of the following week.

Some delays in customs clearance and cargo handling are expected around the Midsummer weekend. Processing of import units at terminals will begin on Monday, 28 June, and deliveries from the beginning of the week. In addition, the introduction of the new customs system continues to slow down the Finnish customs procedures.