Strikes affect shipping to and from Finland in early February

Several trade unions have announced large-scale political strikes in the early days of February. The industrial action will affect ports and airports, where most work will stop from Thursday to Friday 1-2 February 2024.

Exports from Finland

It is a good idea to order urgent export transports right away. During the current week (week 4), export departures will run normally. Also during the strike week, most export shipments will be picked up, but their departure from Finland will be postponed after the strike ends, when port and airport operations will resume

Imports to Finland

Delays are likely to occur in the deliveries of shipments arriving in Finland during the strike week and the following week. The cargo will not be loaded or unloaded on Friday 1-2 February 2024. After the strikes have ended, there may be delays in deliveries due to congestion in freight traffic.

Varova contact persons at air, sea and road transport will provide additional information if necessary.