China-Finland freight situation

As the incidence of coronavirus in China has increased, the authorities have introduced local restrictions that can affect production and, if prolonged, the flow of cargo. Moreover, the war in Ukraine also has some implications by transport mode.

Partial lockdown in Shanghai 28 March – 5 April 2022

A phased lockdown has been introduced in Shanghai. It is valid in two stages, starting on Monday 28 March in the financial district on the eastern part of Shanghai. The west side of Shanghai, in turn, is scheduled to go on lockdown for 1-5 April.

Restrictions are a major stop to metro traffic, and because of the large number of people working remotely, there may be a slowdown in factory production. There will be delays in the collection and delivery of cargo due to strict testing and health code requirements for drivers.

Although ports and airports have been reported to be operating normally during the Shanghai lockdown, it is difficult to get air cargo moving during it. In urgent cases, our Chinese partner Ensign Freight can investigate routing from alternative airports, such as Nanjing.

SimilarĀ  may occur elsewhere in China in the coming weeks.

Rail transport

Varova does not offer rail freight to or from freight China at the moment because the trains pass through Russia and the normal operation of the service cannot be guaranteed. We can assist our clients to find alternative freight options such as Sea-Air.

Air freight

Russian airspace has been closed for the most part to airlines operating between China and Europe. However, alternative routings are available for example via the Middle East and Europe. Transit times can be longer than usual, and cargo space availability and pricing will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Ocean freight

For the most part, ocean shipping is normal between China and Finland. Cargo space is currently available for full containers (FCL) and general cargo (LCL). Varova offers regular, weekly departures from Chinese ports. The congestion that has prevailed in Rotterdam and other major European ocean ports is expected to ease gradually.

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