Improvements in sea freight from Far East

We are happy to tell some positive news about the transportation between the Far East and Finland. After a couple of years of turmoil, the ocean freight situation from China and the rest of Asia has returned closer to the level before the corona pandemic, both in terms of prices and transport times.

Availability and price level of containers

Shipping rates for sea containers from the Far East have dropped significantly in recent months and are now up to 60-70% lower than at the beginning of 2022. Moreover, the availability of containers has improved.

Sea freight transit times

Current transit times between Shanghai and Helsinki are on average eight weeks on average. Due to increased fuel costs, transport times are unlikely to speed up significantly. The handling of LCL shipments can still occasionally be disrupted by covid lockdowns in China, but the handling of goods in terminals and ports is generally mostly normal.

The major container ports of Europe can experience congestion from time to time, which may change the estimated transport schedules.

Urgent shipments by Air or Sea-Air

Sea freight is no longer a suitable option for new orders that must arrive in Finland before Christmas. For seasonal goods we can offer air freight. From China, we also provide Sea-Air service, where the transport times are less than half of the sea freight transport time.

Don’t forget the Chinese New Year

In China and many other East Asian countries, the Year of the Rabbit commences on January 22, 2022, which marks the start of the holiday season lasting a couple of weeks. It is advisable to contact shippers for urgent orders well in advance before the CNY.

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