Strikes affect freight transports to and from Finland

According to an announcement by the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT, work in Finnish ports will be halted for two weeks between 11 March and 25 March 2024. The strike will have a significant impact on road and ocean transport to and from Finland, as well as on the handling of goods in terminals and warehouses. Moreover, congestion is expected after the strike has ended, when a large amount of goods start moving again.

Road transport

During the strike, import shipments will not run according to normal schedules. Export departures from Finland are also less frequent. Some transports can be carried out with special arrangements, for which our sales department will provide additional information if necessary.

Ocean freight

During the strike, containers will not be unloaded from ships, nor will they be picked up from customers or delivered to warehouses. Container transports are at a standstill, with the exception of a few critical product groups.
Demurrage and detention fees may arise due to the strike.

Air freight

The strike does not currently have a direct impact on air freight. However, the availability of fuel may cause delays in air cargo services later during the strike.

Varova sales team will assist in finding alternatives for urgent deliveries.